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Use Prosigna to predict your patient’s Risk of Recurrence (ROR)*

Prosigna generates ROR from a proprietary algorithm1

  • Intrinsic subtypes are biologically and clinically distinct types of breast cancer that are characterized by different PAM50 gene expression signatures2,3
  • ROR is derived from a proprietary algorithm based on the PAM50 gene signature, intrinsic subtype, tumor size, nodal status, and proliferation score1
  • The gene expression profile of a patient’s tumor is compared to each of the defined intrinsic subtype gene signatures to determine the degree of similarity1
  • Proliferation score is determined by evaluating multiple genes within the proliferation pathway4
  • ROR is provided as a numerical score on a 0-to-100 scale that estimates the probability of distant recurrence over 10 years1
Risk of Recurrence (ROR) algorithm compares patient gene expression profile to intrinsic subtypes

*ROR score is Prosigna’s proprietary model for predicting risk of recurrence in a patient. Probability of recurrence cannot be guaranteed.

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